Our Services
We offer a number of approaches, tailored to the specific needs of our clients and what they want to achieve. Our most common are:

Leadership Development Programme: Focusses on developing healthy, high-performance leaders whether as individuals or part of a leadership team. Depending on your objectives and preferences this could involve off-site sessions, individual assessment and one-on-one coaching.

Team Building Programme: A typical programme would involve two two-day retreats, one at the start of the programme and the other at the end, plus individual coaching sesssions of team members. This gives our clients the opportunity to use the understanding in real-life situations and helps them deal with the inevitable ups and downs.

Individual Coaching: In many cases we are invited to work with individuals to help them with their own specific challenges. With our approach it typically takes a very short period of time (three to five sessions) for our clients to achieve real, significant change in their working (and personal) lives.

One-hour conference presentation: A great way of providing something thought-provoking and stimulating to your audience, and a means to get them to that place where they see things differently.

Two-hour workshop: Suitable for smaller groups, we work through the approach and a practical exercise. This is typically used in team-building sessions or off-site meetings.

Programme and Project Management: As well as advice we offer practical managment of Business Initiatives, walking the talk, if you like.

The way of the path is straightforward, but people delight in making difficulties for themselves
- Lao Tzu
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