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Astra Zeneca
Autism New Zealand
B&D Doors
Chequer Packaging
Johnson & Johnson
Marley NZ
Merck Sharp and Dohme
Mercy Angiography
Ministry of Education
Morrison Low
Red Turtle
Sky City
Southern Cross Healthcare
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Statistics NZ
Waitemata Cardiology
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"From my point of view I would say, sometimes when you're so close to the challenges or so busy fighting the fire you struggle to see the solution. Having the ability to take the time and reflect and think through the real issues can give true clarity to the problem. Business should be simple - Highlight the issue, analyse the solution, gain buy-in from the team, implement, monitor and measure. Occasionally you need to stop and really throw some light on the issues. A fresh perspective can make all the difference."
- Joe Bolton, Tegel

"Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on the benefits of our coaching sessions. Firstly let me start by saying that I really felt I got a lot out of them, they were enjoyable, friendly and relaxed whilst providing me with the valuable insights that I needed to achieve my outcomes.

I think that the biggest thing that I got out of our sessions was the ability to understand how my thinking influenced my behaviours. Once I got the hang of this a whole new world opened for me and I could start to make positive changes to the way I approached areas of my work and life in some cases as well.

The second that that I found really useful was how it helped me understand why others reacted the way that they did. As soon as I could link the two areas together I started to be increasingly more effective in interactions with people and started to get things moving positively in the right direction."

- Sasha Blair, NIWA

"Thanks for a great session, the feedback has been fantastic. I thought I would share one example...one colleague recently was involved in a serious matter I have supported him, yet this has had a huge impact on himself....after your session he came up to me and said he can now sleep and everything is clear in his head, if this is all we have achieved then your session was a huge success.”

- Peter Baltus, Pfizer